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Customisable Orders from Pure Nuff Stuff

March 3, 2009

I quite often find products I like the look of, but the scent isn’t the right one for me. Whilst essential oils are added for their specific properties, sometimes you just want something simple that smells nice!

– and that’s where Pure Nuff Stuff come in.

Pure Nuff Stuff

They now have a custom orders section on their website. You pay £1 extra for custom orders and can choose up to 4 essential oils to go in your product – either by choosing an existing blend and adding to the essential oils or by completely starting from scratch.

Their customisable products include:

  • Squeaky Clean shower gel
  • Cream Dream shower gel
  • Body Bliss body moisturiser
  • Intensive body cream
  • Hair cleanser
  • Hair conditioner

I think giving someone a product specifically blended for them would make a great gift – as well as a good gift for oneself :) I will definitely be trying out this service in the future!

For more information about customisable orders from Pure Nuff Stuff, visit their website.

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