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Leahstreasures Crocheted Facial Scrubbies

January 2, 2009

Hand crocheted face scrubbies ideal for facial cleansing and an eco friendly alternative to cotton wool.

Anderra rating


Average cost

$6 (set of 8) / $1 (sample scrubbie)


  • Hand crocheted
  • Available in a large range of colours
  • Measure 3-3/4″ across
  • Reuseable
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • $1 samples available on Etsy
  • Zero waste product

Leahstreasures crocheted facial scrubbies

I first stumbled across these crocheted face scrubbies whilst looking for stocking filler ideas on Etsy. Leahstreasures kindly sent me some samples to review on anderra.

Leahstreasures scrubbies are available in a variety of colours, so you can choose some in your favorite colour, or to match your bathroom! The darker coloured scrubbies are ideal for removing eye makeup as they don’t mark as badly as the lighter colours. I use brown Lavera mascara and it rinsed off the scrubbie easily under the tap. They are also very soft (softer than terry cloth pads), making them suitable for sensitive skin. I have replaced my face flannel with a scrubbie as it’s gentler and leaves my skin much softer. My scrubbie worked brilliantly whether I used a cream cleanser, an exfoliator or just plain water and the texture gave me gentle exfoliation with each use.

One of the main reasons I love this product is that it is zero waste. I can cleanse my face and take off my mascara without throwing away cotton wool. The pads can be washed (best to put in a mesh bag in your machine) and reused. They dry quickly between uses making them more hygienic than something like a flannel which can take a while to dry.

The scrubbies are also a multi-purpose product. You can replace your nylon bath puff with a srubbie and use them in the shower, or just use them on your face.

Lastly it is nice to use handmade items rather than something made on a production line.


  • Small plastic bag


  • Pros: Eco friendly, handmade and suitable for removing eye makeup
  • Cons: None…


100% cotton yarn

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