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Retromercials – old health and beauty adverts

November 10, 2008

I have stumbled across some great retromercials. Looking at these adverts, I realised not much has really changed – although is execution has more polish, the underlying messages are still the same – B.O is a turn-off, dandruff is unsightly and everyone loves a pearly white smile!

Pepsodent, 1937

Pepsodent advert, 1937

“It’s an amazing advance in tooth beauty and safety. In just a few days your teeth sparkle with alluring brilliance that everyone notices. Buy a tube of Pepsodent containing Irium. Begin now to use this new method that brings flashing lustre to your teeth with absolute safety.”

At the time, irium was said to be sodium lauryl sulphate. In 1994, the Federal Communications Commission chairman, Reed Humdt, said that irium didn’t exist, but sold lots of Pepsodent!

Royal Drene, 1950’s

“The kids are out…are having fun. But Jane, she’s home a-having none. She washed her hair…looks wild and dry…can’t go out! I want to cry!”

Wildroot Cream Oil, 1944

Wildroot Cream Oil advert, 1944

“It’s F-N, the test for men!”

“There are two common kinds of dandruff. The dry flakey kind that whitens your collar, and the clinging variety revealed by ‘the fingernail test’ “.

I think anyone who digs their fingernails into their scalp is going to have skin under their fingernails…

Dove Soap 1957

“Ordinary soap dries your skin, but Dove CREAMS your skin while you wash!”

Harmony hairspray 1970’s

“Is she or isn’t she? Yes, she is wearing a hair spray…”

Judging from people’s reactions, the question ‘is she or isn’t she wearing hairspray?’ could have been one of the most pondered questions of the 70’s.

Lifebuoy Health Bar, 1937

Lifebuoy Health Bar advert, 1937

This advert doesn’t beat about the bush!

“…or the ‘side-lines champion’. She’s from one of the countries best families. People are drawn to her by her charm, at first – but she’s never part of the party – another B.O offender…Truely fastidious people don’t take chances with B.O!”

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