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September 15, 2008

10 years after opening one of the first organic food stores in Germany and creating a lip balm to relieve his neurodermatitis, Thomas Haase founded Lavera in Hanover.


Thomas Haase had already been developing cosmetics and skincare for 10 years before he started Lavera.

He suffered from neurodermatitis as a child and from there developed an interest in ingredients and alternative skin care. Thomas opened a health food shop with some friends who also shared the desire to live healthier lifestyles and avoid using chemicals and pesticides. They cultivated plants and created herbal extracts which lead to the formulation of his first product. The purpose of this product was to help his skin as conventional creams bought no relief. He made his first lip balm to protect his skin in the Summer of 1975, which contained wool wax, beeswax and olive oil. This formulation passed what he called ‘the stress-test’ and worked brilliantly.

Later, Lavera was started as a family business on a farm near Hanover, Germany. Since then it has grown in size and they now own their own premises in the Deister Hills near Hanover.

He chose the name Lavera because of it’s Latin to English translation of truth: referring to both his philosophy and commitment.


Lavera products

Lavera have many product ranges to suit all skin types and also have a large number for those with sensitive or allergy prone skin. For example, the Lavera Neutral range is free from fragrance, herbal extracts, essential oils and flower extracts.


Lavera’s ingredients are:

  • Natural
  • Free of parabens, petroleum gluetene and synthetic ingredients.
  • Free from synethic preservatives. Instead, they naturally preserve the products by using high quality ingredients, producing them in a sterile environment and using packaging that minimises exposure to germs. For example, a squeeze tube with a small hole rather than a large jar that you put fingers in.
  • All in accordance with the INCI regulation.

Ethics, values and principles

Cruelty free – No Lavera products or ingredients are tested on animals. Products are tested by willing volunteers in conjunction with laboratories, dermatologists and allergists. Working with scientific institutes means they are able to test products on volunteers suffering with neurodermatitis, helping them to formulate their products for those with sensitive skin/skin conditions.

Tolerance for sensitive skin – As Thomas suffered from neurodermatitis as a child, their main focus is to create a range of products that even sensitive and allergic skins can tolerate.


Lavera use packaging designed to prolong the life of a product naturally. Pots are avoided because they have large openings which means you have to put your fingers in to get to the product out – making it easier for bacteria to get in. Tubes are more effective at keeping bacteria out as there is a smaller hole and the product can be removed without using your fingers.