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Organic Village

February 3, 2012


“Organic Village was first founded in July 1995, initially bringing together a handful of organic fruit growers from Anatolia. Having his own children, and subsequently two granddaughters, made Jay think of future generations, and our responsibility to the land. The original small co-operative grew into a society of like-minded growers and producers. Combining business experience with their organic farming skills, and marrying modern technology with age-old traditions, Organic Village would bring a range of products to a worldwide market at affordable prices.”


Fruit Juices

Organic pure pressed fruit juices in the following flavours: apple, apricot, cherry, grape, peach, pomegranate and strawberry.

Organic Village juices

You can find in-depth information about the health benefits of each of the juices, on the Organic Village website.


Organic Village cheeses

Organic Village are working with organic farmers from Bulgaria to produce Soil Association certified cheeses including: Goat’s Milk Gouda and Sheep’s Milk White Cheese


100% pure Organic juices! Their fruit juices are certified-organic by the Soil Association, are not made from concentrate, contain no added water, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. In fact nothing added or taken away. Just 100% pure first-pressed fruit juice.

Ethics, values and principles

  • Harness the best of nature.
  • To build and preserve a healthier and wealthier future for all – over 753 farmers and their families are now growing for Organic Village.
  • Certified Soil Association Organic.
  • Sourcing the tastiest and purest produce so they are packed full of essential nutrients for health.
  • Creating top quality but affordable juices so that everyone can enjoy organic juices without paying the premium price!


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