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Pure Nuff Stuff

November 24, 2008

A small, woman owned and managed company based in Cornwall, started by a pair of eco-friendly friends.


Pure Nuff Stuff is a small, woman owned and managed company based in Cornwall. It was founded by a pair of ‘down to earth, eco friendly friends’; Helen and Emily.

They started researching the ingredients that go into the products they use on their bodies. From this research they drew the conclusion that the growing number of allergies and sensitivities are reactions stemming from our bodies being exposed to so many chemicals every day. They tried to find natural alternatives to the body care products they were using, but struggled to find products that were pure enough, affordable and good quality. So they decided to create their own.

Business expertise:

  • Helen started making soap in her kitchen 8 years ago and also has a background as a quality control chemist, which enabled them to formulate their products.
  • Emily’s background in business management gave them the skills to run their business.


All of Pure Nuff Stuff’s products are natural, eco friendly and fresh. They are made in small batches on a daily basis and because of this, the essential oils can be adjusted to preference. The website states that special orders take up to 7 working days to produce and only costs £1!.

They have an extensive range of products which include face and body products, hair care, sun lotions, bath and shower products and baby products.

Nearly all of their products are vegetarian with lip balms as the exception as they contain beeswax.


All of the ingredients in Pure Nuff Stuff products are listed so that consumers can see exactly what products contain.

  • They source their ingredients locally wherever possible. Those that can’t be grown in the UK (e.g. some essential oils) are imported and are certified Fair Trade.
  • All of their oils are obtained through cold processing in order to preserve the properties of the oil: which can be degraded by heat.
  • All Pure Nuff Stuff products are free from chemical preservatives.

Ethics, values and principles

Supporting charities: Pure Nuff Stuff donate 2p from each sold unit to the Precious Lives Appeal in Cornwall. Precious Lives is a children’s hospice which provides care and respite to families in the South West. The appeal was set up in order to help fund the build for a third hospice.

Organic where possible: Pure Nuff Stuff try to use organic ingredients where possible. They haven’t been certified as organic for 3 (very honest) reasons:

  • 1. Organic ingredients are expensive and growing them in an expensive process.
  • 2. Many of the ingredients they use have been grown in-organically because the growers have never had the money to buy the chemicals in the first place. In other cases, they may never have needed to use chemical pesticides because the crops they are growing are very resilliant to disease, for example, lavender. Therefore, these farmers certifying themselves as organic is an unnecessary expense.
  • 3. They say that being certified organic, doesn’t guarantee a product as being free from ingredients like parabens.

Fair Trade: Where it is not possible to use organic ingredients, they use Fair Trade instead.

Cruelty free: No pure Nuff Stuff products or ingredients have been tested on animals.

Avoiding air freight: They try to find importers that ship goods by sea rather than by plane.

Customer education: To create and package products in a way that helps consumers to understand what is in the products they are buying and using. They list all ingredients to help consumers understand what they are putting on their skin.

Natural ingredients: One of Pure Nuff Stuff’s most important philosophies is centered around the use of natural, pure, botanical ingredients that are affordable and good quality.

Stock donation: Surplus or ex-display stock gets given to the Local Fisherman’s Mission. Their products are used by those who have been rescued, so they can clean up before they go home.


Pure Buff stuff use recyclable packaging made from recycled material (with the exception of bubble wrap for the transit of online orders). They say:

“Any other packaging you may see in boxes such as air bags and foam bobbles have already been used once – we collect it from two shops other here in town to use again. We recycle everything we can from the workshop – the local council do little to help us here, so if we can’t re-use items (which is why you may get a pre-used box or envelope) this means we spend quite a bit of our own time at various bottle, paper, plastic and cardboard banks, but it’s worth it in our view.”

In terms of packaging, their aim for the future is to be able to take used bottles and jars back in order to reuse them.