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Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel

May 12, 2009

A paraben and perfume free aloe vera gel for soothing dry, damaged skin and irritated skin.

“This paraben-free Aloe Vera gel moisturises, softens and helps restore dry and damaged skin. It can be applied to stretch marks, scars, dry, chapped skin, sun burn, skin irritations and minor burns”.

  • 99.9% bioactive aloe vera
  • Made from 100% pure aloe vera inner gel
  • No SLS or SLES
  • No parabens
  • No perfumes
  • No colours
  • Aloe Purity certified by the International Aloe Science Council

Aloe Pura’s aloe vera gel is a great multi purpose product.


This is a fantastic product for sunburn. My skin absorbed it much quicker than traditional aftersun cream when tends to sit on the surface of my skin for a long time. When stored at room temperature the aloe vera gel felt pretty cold on contact with my skin. I like to put mine in the fridge so it’s extra cold and sometimes add mashed/pureed cucumber to make it a bit more interesting. I don’t think I’ll be buying another tube of aftersun again as the aloe vera gel has worked much better.

Base for homemade products

Aloe Pura’s aloe vera gel is fragrance free which makes it an ideal base for homemade products. You can add your own essential oils to make a scented gel, or use it as a base for other skin treatments.

As well as pure aloe vera, this product is sold in a couple of variations: aloe vera gel with tea tree oil and aloe vera gel with vitamins A, C and E.

General moisturiser

This product is a great moisturiser and soaked into my skin almost immediately. It left my face a little shiney for the first few minutes but this went away quite quickly. I think this could be a great product to use if you have oily skin because it doesn’t leave any residue at all.

Aloe Vera gel is a great staple product for bathroom cabinets because it can be used for so much: sunburn, minor irritations, chapped skin, insect bites, rashes, dry skin, scars, stretch marks and homemade products.


  • Pros: Very soothing, fragrance free
  • Cons: None


Aloe Barbadensis, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylare Crosspolymer, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Phanoxyethanol, Potassium sorbate, Benzoic Acid.

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  • Lisa on July 19, 2009

    I used this last night on a patch of dry skin on my forehead, and when I woke up it was bright red, irritated and sore. I certainly DON’T recommend it! It’s caused a really embarrassing inflammation.

  • Gemma on July 21, 2009

    Hi Lisa. Sorry to hear you had such a bad reaction. Have you ever reacted like this to aloe vera based products before? If not, it’s more likely to be some of the other ingredients causing you a problem.

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