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Aquatina Collapsible Bottle

February 24, 2012

  • Our rating:Rating 4/5
  • £6.20 (500ml bottle)
  • Made in: England

“Environmentally-friendly Aquatina uses traditional, environmentally-sustainable methods of water transportation – they are called pipes! Refill your Aquatina just three times and it’s carbon neutral compared to buying bottles”.

Aquatina bottles are:

  • Collapsible
  • PET and BPA free
  • Made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene – #4)

I normally re-use an existing bottle but it quickly becomes brittle and they are hard to clean. I’ve also seen alot of articles about chemical leaching from plastic bottles and into the water. So back in December I bought an Aquatina. I had a bit of a false start because the bottle I was sent had leaky lid, but I ordered a replacement and I’m really glad I did.


This products’ main plus point is that it’s collapsible (to a third of it’s original size). I think most water bottles get thrown away rather than re-used just because people don’t want to be carrying around a 500ml bottle in their bag.

This would be a good product for runners – the narrower area in the middle of the bottle and ribbed structure make it very easy to grip/hold.

Bottle neck

The bottle neck is nice and wide which means it’s easy to drink from, easy to clean and I don’t make those strange sucking noises if I’m gulping the water down! The only major complaint I have with it is that I washed my bottle in warm soapy water before use and it still took almost 2 weeks for the plastic taste in the water to disappear.

Manufacturing quality

The overall manufacture of the bottle is pretty good. There are a couple of thinner areas of plastic on the bottle and sometimes the top feels a little sharp.

If I could have two ratings for this bottle, I would give the following:

  • 5/5 for the idea and convenience.
  • 3/5 for the quality of manufacture.

However, because this bottle is made in England, BPA and PET free I am going to award it 4/5. It’s still early days for Aquatina…


  • Pros: Encourages you to not buy water, collapsible when empty, PET and BPA free, made in England.
  • Cons: It took a couple of weeks for the new plastic taste to disappear, manufacture could be a little better


LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene – #4).

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