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GoodKaarma Chocolate Bliss Organic Soap with Chocolate, Orange & Cinnamon

September 23, 2008

A handmade, cold pressed, preservative free soap free made from Fairtrade oils and butters.

  • Fairtrade
  • Cold pressed
  • 97.4% certified organic ingredients

I was very excited about this product. I love chocolate, so for me chocolate soap was ideal. However, I was sorely let down. The smell is nothing like chocolate, orange or cinnamon, instead it is a very masculine smell. And when you consider that it is highly likely most buyers will be female due to the chocolate connection this is very disappointing. The smell is not one that I enjoyed having on my hands and as a result I have only used it once or twice.

Otherwise though, it is just like any other bar soap to use, it lathers very well and it leaves no stains, I expected the lather to be a dark colour but like most soaps it was just white, which in turn meant I did not have to worry about staining any of my towels when I used it. It washes off your hands easily leaving them feeling smooth and if it wasn’t for the smell I would be very happy to use the product all the time.

But the smell is very off putting and I therefore am in no hurry to use it again. The packaging is natural and inviting and made me excited to be using the product and has all the information you need the colour of the soap makes you think of chocolate and it does the job it is made for – ie: it leaves your hands clean. But the smell is so heavy and lingers for such a long time that I would not recommend it to anyone.


  • Pros: Left my hands feeling soft and clean
  • Cons: Smell – didn’t smell at all of chocolate


Sodium Palmate (made with palm fat*), sodium cocoate (made with coconut fat*), water, glycerin*, sodium salts of Theobroma Cocao Fatty Acids (made with cocoa butter*), sodium salts of Helianthus Annus fatty acids (made with cold pressed sunflower seed oil*), cocoa powder*, beeswax*, sweet orange essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, patchouli essential oil. *from certified organic agricultural products.

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