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Monte Bianco Natural Bristle Toothbrush Sensitive

February 18, 2010

A low waste, eco friendly toothbrush with removable head.

“This toothbrush from Monte Bianco is the cutting edge in eco-friendly bathroom technology. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic that we all throw away they have developed a brush which uses replaceable heads, so when the old bristles wear out they are the only part which needs disposing of – you needn’t throw away the handle”.

  • Re-useable toothbrush handle
  • Simple click on head
  • Made with natural bristles (also available in nylon)
  • Red=hard, blue=medium, green=sensitive

After working out just how many toothbrushes go to landfill each year, we decided to look for some eco friendly toothbrushes and found the Monte Bianco Clip.

This brush is very competitively priced and doesn’t work out to be any more expensive than a regular toothbrush. 3 replaceable natural bristled heads cost £3.50. This makes the cost of those initial 3 complete brushes £3.70 each. After which, it’s only going to cost £1.16 for each ‘complete brush’ because you only need to replace the heads – cheaper than a brand name manual toothbrush from Colgate which averages at £3.99. So you’re saving waste and pennies!

The brush handle is thinner and shorter than a regular toothbrush but still comfortable to hold. It doesn’t have any fancy moulded bits or rubber grips, it’s just a standard handle. The head looks and feels bulkier than a normal toothbrush – partly because the bristles are thicker than those made from nylon and they are all one length.

I bought a sensitive, natural bristled brush (especially after my experience with the Swissco medium toothbrush) but despite this the bristles were still quite hard and stiff. They softened a little after my first few brushes but still remained a bit on the abrasive side for me.

After the first 2-3 uses of the brush I started to notice very white patches on my teeth. At first I thought they’d probably been there for a while but then they got bigger. I later realised that the bristles had taken a small amount of staining off my teeth. I don’t smoke or drink tea or coffee so my teeth are pretty white anyway but it did make them a bit whiter. So if your teeth are quite stained, this brush could be a great option for gentle (and natural) stain removal.

I had visions of swallowing the brush head, but it stayed firmly in place. I needed to give the head a hard tug to remove it from the handle – so there’s no danger of it coming off in your mouth.

This toothbrush gets full marks for it’s eco credentials but sadly the bristles were just too hard for my gums and as a result I found the brush uncomfortable to use. I might try the nylon bristles instead and see how I get on.


  • Pros: Eco friendly, low waste and good for stain removal
  • Cons: Bristles feel quite hard and abrasive

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