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AloeDent Dental Floss

May 11, 2009

A shred resistant nylon floss coated with beeswax and aloe vera to help glide between teeth.

“The Shred Resistant Nylon Floss is coated in natural Beeswax to help glide between teeth and prevent inter-dental decay and discolouration”.

  • Shred resistant nylon floss
  • Coated with natural beeswax and aloe vera
  • Aloe mint flavour

I usually buy dental tape rather than floss because my teeth overlap slightly at the front of my bottom jaw. I was pretty pleased with Aloe Dent’s floss, because even though its floss rather than tape, it was still fairly thin (I have bought floss in the past that I haven’t been able to fit between any of my teeth!).

I had no problems moving it between the majority of my teeth, but ran into a few problems with those that overlapped. I found it quite difficult to get between them and if the floss got stuck it shredded which made it even harder to remove and I sometimes had to pull it out sideways. The box said this product is shred resistant, which for the most part it was.

AloeDent floss is coated with beeswax, aloe vera and mint to help it glide between teeth – resulting in a subtle rather than fake minty flavour.

The cost is very competitive with most brand name products and cheaper than the Oral B floss I was using at £3.49.

Overall, this product is worth a try if you want something that is coated with natural waxes, but it could be too thick if you have teeth that are tightly together or overlapping. I have searched around but unfortunately AloeDent don’t make dental tape, only floss.


  • Pros: Natural beeswax and aloevera coating
  • Cons: Nylon rather than natural fibres – takes longer to degrade


Aloe Mint Flavour, Natural Beeswax

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