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Organic Village 100% Pure Pressed Pomegranate Juice

November 1, 2011

“This juice is not made from concentrate, contains no added water, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. In fact nothing added or taken away. Just 100% pure fruit juice, as nature intended. The juice is pressed from sun-ripened fruit growing in the beautiful organic orchards of Anatolia,Turkey. In between hills and mountains, the green and fertile valleys dotted with rural settlements are ideal for fruit growing, with hot dry summers and cold winters.”

When I opened the bottle, the first thing that struck me about this juice was the smell. I was expecting something very fruity but it had a ‘strong’ scent. This was deceptive though because it’s the most refreshing and smooth pomegranate juice I’ve tasted, it’s delicious. I think it would be lovely in the summer with some ice and wedge of lemon.

This juice is very light and doesn’t leave a syrupy, sticky texture in your mouth like alot of fruit juices do. Most pomegranate juice I’ve had in past has been a bit too sweet for me, but this one is perfect. After doing a bit of research I’ve discovered the brands I usually buy are concentrated and not free from added sugar! Organic Village pomegranate tastes very natural in comparison.

This juice is pressed rather than concentrated so it has a browny red (rather than deep red) colour, but don’t let that put you off.

It is packaged in a clear glass bottle and the label is plastic shrink wrap that can be removed so you can recycle or reuse the bottle.

I will definitely buy more of these juices in the future and try their other flavours, which include: apple, apricot, cherry, grape and strawberry.

Organic Village’s juices are fairly traded, organic, gluten free, artificial additive free, contain no added sugar or water are suitable for vegans.


BIO, USDA Organic, Soil Association, BCS Oko-Garantie and Agriculture Biologique. Learn more about these certifications »


  • Pros: Natural flavour, very refreshing, not sickly sweet
  • Cons: None


100% Pure organic pomegranate juice, not from concentrate.

Our company testers were kindly provided by Organic Village

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