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Proganic Organic Juices

June 16, 2012

“Proganic is 100% Organic Pure Fruit Juice! Unlike most other juices, Proganic does not contain any additives, artificial colours, no added sugars and no preservatives! Our juice is certified 100% organic pure fruit juice, not from concentrate, not diluted, just real organic fruit juice. Simply the best that exists!”

What I really like about Proganic’s range of juices is the unusual flavours – compared to just the usual orange, apple etc. They’d be perfect for making colourful non-alcoholic cocktails or with chopped fruit and ice on a hot day.

All the juices I sampled (watermelon, sour cherry and fig) were rich in flavour, refreshing and because they aren’t made from concentrate there’s no syrupy texture to them so they quench your thirst. The watermelon juice was my favourite out of the 3. I expected it to be watery (as watermelon contains so much juice), but it was smooth, silky and tasted really fresh.

Guilt free ice lollies

Homemade Proganic juice ice lolly

These juices made lovely ice lollies! I turned the sour cherry flavour into ice cream using lolly moulds, which was really tangy. It made the prefect guilt free ice lolly. A 500ml bottle of sour cherry juice made two lollies, plus a little left over for tasting.

Proganic juices are available in: acai, apple, bilberry, black mulberry, cranberry, fig, honeydew melon, pomegranate, sour cherry and watermelon.

All products Melia Organic produces are certified by the Soil Association in the UK and BCS and OKO Granite Certified in Germany. Melia Organic also holds certification from the Vegetarian Society and Kosher Orthodox Union.


  • Pros: Tastes very natural, it’s refreshing and the range is full of unusual flavours
  • Cons: None


100% pure organic juice. Free from added sugar and gluten.

Company samples kindly provided by Melia Organic

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