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Pure Nuff Stuff Lemongrass Hair & Body Bar

June 30, 2008

An ‘all-purpose’ soap bar ideal for hair and body

I have been enjoying finding ‘multi-purpose’ body care products recently and this one is a gem!

Pure Nuff Stuff Lemongrass Hair and Body Bar is a great product to take camping or anywhere you are trying to travel light as you can use one bar of soap for everything. I love using it when I am in a rush and need to cut out some faffing time. Instead of using shampoo, conditioner and shower gel I can just rub this all over, rinse and I am clean!

The bar smells fantastic and the scent doesn’t fade away once it has been out of it’s wrapper for a little while. I love using this in the morning to help me wakeup in the shower because of the lemongrass.

Hair: I was quite suprised that a bar of soap worked so well on my hair. The first time I used it, I spent quite a while rubbing the bar in but it was too much as I had a head full of suds. It rinsed out easily, left my hair feeling soft and needing to use so little makes it a very economical product.

Body: Produced a gentle, bubbly lather that rinsed away fairly easily. I did feel like I had a bit of the product left on my skin but it felt moisturised rather than greasy, and I think this is why it worked so well on my hair. The nice thing about using this on my body was that the smell lasted a bit longer than some shower gels.

Shaving: It lathered up to just the right consistency to protect my skin and washed off more easily than some shaving oils and foams.


  • Pros: Handmade, time saving.
  • Cons: None…


IElaesis guineensis, cocos nucifera, theobroma cacao, olea europaea, ricinus communis, vegetable glycerine, aqua, sodium hydroxide (converted during saponification to leave no traces), essential oils, mineral clay

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