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Pure Nuff Stuff Sun Cream SPF20

August 20, 2009

A light, moisturing and chemical free SPF20 from Pure Nuff Stuff.

  • Natural sun protection free from chemicals
  • Free from nano particles
  • Uses microfine titanium dioxide as sun blocking ingredient

“A light body cream with added UVA and UVB sun protection factor to help prevent burning when sunbathing. It’s unscented because so many essential oils are photosensitising (promote burning of the skin, so not the point of this product). We have blended microfine Titanium Dioxide with sweet almond oil to make a lotion that applies smoothly, moisturising as it goes and spreading the layer of sun protection evenly to make sure you don’t leave any bits out.”

I have very pale skin that burns easily and never tans – so I usually buy high factor sunscreams, no lower than 30. I’d been using Lavera SPF40 which was a bit thick and heavy for cloudier days. So I decided to buy Pure Nuff Stuff’s SPF20 as it had been tested on one of their team who was very pale, with great results,

“…so we tested in on Emily first. With her red hair and skin more of a light blue in natural colour than white, she’s always joked that she burns under Christmas lights, so it was the best test we could think of. Armed with a bottle, she went off the beach in the hot Cornish sun and tried out the cream. We knew we were on to something good when she didn’t burn but instead actually attained a shade of the lightest brown for the first time in her adult life.”

The big test for this product was the day I went to a festival. When I left the house in the morning it was a bit overcast so I just put the SPF20 in my bag thinking I wouldn’t need anything stronger. However, by the time I arrived, the clouds had cleared to reveal a clear blue sky and burning sun. So I put lots of the Pure Nuff Stuff sun cream on to try and minimise burning. It was later in the evening that I realised I’d forgotten to put any cream on one of my shoulders (not sure how this happened!) – which had turned lobster pink and was very hot. The rest of my skin was not burnt at all. At this point, I couldn’t believe how much protection I’d got from a factor 20! I don’t think I would have appreciated this as much if I’d put cream on both shoulders! (Even though I didn’t get burnt, I wouldn’t advise laying in the sun for hours using a factor 20, especially if you are fair skinned).

The texture of this suncream was fine and silky. There was a little whiteness when I first applied it which soon disappeared once I’d rubbed it in. When I reapplied it, I didn’t feel like I was rubbing sun cream on sun cream.

Unlike many sunscreens this product is fragrance free (but still smells pleasant) making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. It also left my skin beautifully soft so I didn’t need to do any after sun moisturisation.

Highly recommended. Good value for money and all natural.


  • Pros: High level of protection for an SPF20
  • Cons: None…


Water (aqua); sweet almond oil (prunus amygldalus dulcis); vegetable glycerine (glycerine); emulsifying wax; microfine titanium dioxide; vitamin E (tocopherol vitamin E).

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