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Pure Nuff Stuff Squeaky Clean Sweet Orange and Vanilla Bath & Shower Gel

June 30, 2008

A lightly vanilla and orange scented shower gel ideal for everyday use.

This is a great value for money shower gel that is available in a few scents: Lavender, tea tree & peppermint, unscented, citrus zing and sweet orange & vanilla. The scent of the vanilla and orange one was quite sweet so if you prefer sweeter smelling shower gels, this would be a good one to buy.

The texture of this product is quite different from other shower gels. It’s a very light shower gel but without being too thin, so it’s very easy to rinse off.

I put a squirt of this is my bath which made it smell very nice but didn’t really create that many bubbles.

I couldn’t really smell the orange that much when I first starting using it, but once I got to the bottom is was very strong, so it’s a good idea to give it a bit of a shake every now and then to mix it up a bit. This product smelt great but I would have liked a bit more orange than vanilla….and this can be done! Pure Nuff Stuff say:

“We try to please everyone as much as possible and because we make our products in small batches daily we can adjust the essential oils to anyone’s preference. Please call us if you have any special requests. Special orders may take up to seven working days to produce, but this service is free of charge”.

So all I have to do next time I want to buy this product is email them and ask for a bit more orange. I think being able to offer this element of customisation is what really makes Pure Nuff Stuff stand out from other similar brands.

This product was handmade in Cornwall, which means it’s not had to travel very far and my order arrived nice and quickly!


  • Pros: Product can be personalised at no extra cost.
  • Cons: Scent a bit faint for me (but this can be changed when I next place an order)


Water, decyl glucose (decyl glucoside), xantham gum (xantham gum), apple cider vinegar (Acetic Acid), essential oils

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