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Pure Nuff Stuff Washable Cleansing pads

June 30, 2008

Double sided cotton pads that make a great alternative to cotton wool.

I bought these reusable cleansing pads so I didn’t have to keep throwing cotton wool away everyday. The pads are made from the off-cuts from terry cloth nappies. One side has the texture of a fine flannel and the other side is soft and fleecy. The flannel side is great for a ‘deep clean’ and the fine fleecy side is great for a gentle cleanse. These cleansing pads always leave my skin very soft as they gently exfoliate every time I use them.

No dyes are used when creating these pads, so the only colour you can buy is white.

I’ve found it’s better not to remove eye makeup like mascara with them as it can stain a bit. You can use them with face wash, cleanser, soap, anything you like. Once the pad is dry, leave it to dry and then it’s good to go again. They also wash up well in the washing machine.

I have already saved quite a bit of money on cotton wool as the pads can be washed and reused so many times.


  • Pros: A sustainable alternative to cotton wool
  • Cons: None…


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