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Suki mini antioxidant skin care kit

July 26, 2009

A kit featuring 8 Suki products for those with dry/combination skin – an ideal introduction to the Suki skincare range.

  • Certified organic
  • For dry/combination skin
  • An anti-inflammatory kit is also available for oily skin

The kit contains:

  • Exfoliating lemongrass cleanser
  • Moisture-rich cleansing lotion
  • Shitake concentrated facial toner
  • Carrot facial moisture serum
  • Complexion brightening cream
  • Delicate moisture body oil
  • Velvet hand and body creme
  • Butter cream salve

I bought this kit after using some samples of Suki’s Velvet Face Creme. I thought it was a great product and was curious to try some others in the range.

Lemongrass cleanser: My favourite product from the kit! The texture of this cleanser was very unusual. The exfoliating grains are made from sugar and rice power, so they were extremely gentle and not really like traditional exfoliating grains at all. I gently rubbed some onto my face and it gradually melted into a rich white foam. Both myself and my partners mum have used it and our skin felt amazingly soft afterwards. I absolutely love this product. It is without doubt the best facial exfoliator I have used – very gentle and smells scrumptious!

Moisture rich cleansing lotion: Lovely crisp and refreshing smelling cleanser that removes dirt without being too creamy or sticky.

Shitake toner: I don’t usually use toners as they can leave my skin feeling like canvas stretched over a frame, but this one was very good. Although the smell was quite strong, it didn’t upset my skin and it is alcohol free so I wasn’t left with any dryness.

Carrot facial moisture serum: This serum is different from many other serums (which can sometimes be a bit greasy) because it is a very fine oil. It has a delicate fragrance and left my skin beautifully clear and soft even when I used it with non Suki products.

Complexion brightening cream: Very light, smells fabulous and left my skin very soft. I only needed to use a very small amount, so my vial has lasted me for quite a long time.

Moisture body oil: The smell of this product took me completely by surprise (in a good way) – ‘leafy’ is the only word I can really think of to describe it. As you would expect with a body oil, it takes a little while to soak in, but it did without leaving any lasting residue on my skin.

Butter cream salve: The sachet of this was quite small and only really enough for one application, but it was very good – when I applied it to my skin it melted into a very silky salve which was rich without being too heavy or oily.

The vials are all quite small, but I needed to use such a small amount each time, the kit has lasted me for quite a while.

This is a fantastic kit and I love every product in it! Some of the Suki products are quite expensive and therefore I’m less likely to take a gamble and just buy them. Buying the kit has meant I’ve been able to try out a range of products without breaking the bank. It would make a great gift and the size of the products are ideal for traveling light.

The only real tiny gripe I have about the packaging is that it was difficult to get creamy products like the cleanser out of the bottles as they are very small with narrow openings. Suki tip: use a cotton bud to reach the creams in the vials as its a cleaner way to use the products and avoids contamination.


  • Pros: All worked brilliantly, you get to try a range of Suki products
  • Cons: Creamy products were a little difficult to get out of the vials


Lemongrass cleanser: Organic rice powder & sugar, 100% saponified olive oil, powdered organic chamomile, lavender, sage, calendula, rose hips, lemongrass & orange, pure vegetable glycerin, seaweed extracts & pure, premium, steam distilled essential oils.

Moisture rich cleansing lotion: Fresh organic sage & thyme infusion, organic oat milk, organic sunflower & grapeseed oils infused with organic chamomile, sage, thyme, rosemary, fennel and witch hazel leaf extracts, kaolin, cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, lemon oil, beeswax, natural vitamin c, vegetable glycerin, lecithin, gum xanthan, pure, steam distilled essential oils.

Shitake toner: Organic rose petal, chamomile, calendula & burdock infusion, standardised shitake & olive leaf extracts, extracts of shitake, burdock, comfrey & rose, witch hazel distillate, organic, food grade aloe vera, natural vitamin c, seaweed extracts & pure, premium, steam distilled essential oils.

Carrot facial serum: Organic jojoba oil infused with organic chamomile, borage, evening primrose, rose hips, carrot oil, rice germ, carrot seed, calendula & lavender oils, vitamin a, sandalwood, myrrh & pure, premium, steam distilled essential oils.

Complexion brightening cream: Infusion of organic roses, organic jojoba, evening primrose, rose hip, grapeseed, & rice germ oils infused with organic roses, chamomile, calendula, comfrey, & lavender, beeswax, shea butter, rose wax, time release vitamin c, flaxseed extract, standardized white willow, green tea, grapeseed, & chamomile extracts, organic calendula, chamomile, rose extracts, l-carnitine amino acid, brewer’s yeast extract, true wasabi extract, lecithin, gums arabic & xanthan, & pure, premium, steam distilled essential oils.

Moisture body oil: Organic apricot kernel, rice germ, sunflower & grapeseed oils, organic chamomile, arnica, rosemary, nettle, calendula & rose oils, natural vitamin e, floral essences & premium, steam distilled essential oils.

Butter cream salve: Grapeseed*, evening primrose, rosehip seed, sunflower & apricot kernel oils, 100% natural beeswax, fair trade cocoa butter*, fair trade coconut oil*, rice oil*, fair trade shea butter*, 100% natural non-gmo vitamin e, arnica, calendula, chamomile, lavender & comfrey extracts*, aroma (pure premium steam distilled essential oil).

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