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Urtekram Rose Shampoo

October 6, 2008

A mild shampoo that is 100% plant based and contains no synthetic colours, fragrances or SLS.

  • Suitable for vegans
  • Hair type: normal, oily, dry, damaged and coloured

My hair is dyed, and is rather dried out from the every day styling I put it through, otherwise it is normal hair that has no problems.

The shampoo comes in a nice bottle and has the added bonus of stating proudly that it has not been tested on animals. When you smell it however, there is no real smell that can be found. This remains the case when you actually use the shampoo.

I had to use a fair amount (and I only have shoulder length hair) to get a decent lather and feel as if you are actually cleaning your hair. It also took a long time to wash it all out and for me to feel that my hair was actually clean. It did leave my hair feeling soft, the only problem is that I am writing this just ten hours after washing my hair and it has been up all day and already I feel that I need to wash my hair again. It feels greasy and lank, not what you expect when you have washed it that day.

I will not be using this shampoo again, as there is no real smell and it does not leave my hair feeling completely clean, instead I am left with the desire to clean it again.


  • Pros: 100% plant based
  • Cons: No real smell, doesn’t leave hair feeling clean


Water, vegatable glycerine*, aloe vera*, coconut & corn sugar soap, glyceride of sunflower oil, citric acid, essential rose geranium oil*, rose flower extract*, jasmin flower extract*. * From organic agriculture

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